Creating Accountable

Communities for Health 2015
dvancing an Integrative Approach to
Community, Health and Well-being

Across the country, communities are looking for new ideas and new approaches to support health and well-being and address the connected issues of obesity and mental health.

Clinicians are adopting new approaches that address the root cause of disease, and utilize teams and collaborative approaches which embrace the art and science of connection.

Similarly, healthcare, community, public health, government and business leaders are realizing that health derives in community.  And, that by adopting a whole person approach, in the context of healthy communities and a healthy planet we have the opportunity to support health and well-being for all.

Together, these constituencies are now in a position to align strategies to effectively move the needle on place-based health and well-being and develop collaborative stewardship of our health commons - the multitude of resources available for medical services and health promotion.

Through integrative approaches, systems thinking and collaborative models, this working conference is designed to catalyze place-based approaches to health and well-being. It will help healthcare, human service, clinical, wellness and community leadership interested in accessing and developing the tools necessary to improve community benefit, foster new collaboratives, respond to the burgeoning interest in whole person, integrative health and well-being, and support an effective Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process.

What Attendees are Saying

“"Thought provoking" ...."Loved the group enthusiasm" ...."New concepts, especially "creating health" as opposed to preventing or treating disease"....."This year was even better than last year" ....."the integrative philosophy was very exciting to me and the presenters moved their programs to inspire change"...... "there were so many moments in the conference that were thought provoking - it was so helpful to have the opportunity at the end to converse". Commons Health 2014

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Commons Health 2015
Conference Proceedings
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In this latest report we share key themes, presentation narratives and our "harvest" of attendee conversations and call to action!