Creating Accountable

Communities for Health 2015:

Advancing an Integrative Approach to

Community, Health and Well-being

Commons Health 2015
Agenda and Downloads


Day 1 -  September 9th




Creating Health: A Systems View of Health (pdf)

Jamie Harvie, P.E


Integrative Medicine and the Whole Person Approach to Health (pdf)

Courtney Baechler, M.D.


Food, Nutrition and Mental Health (pdf)

Carolyn Denton MA, LN




Mental Health, our Epigenetic Code and our Zip Code (pdf)

Scott Shannon, M.D


Lessons Learned: Community Health Needs Assessments and Catalyzing Health (pdf)

Michele Craig, Ed.D.




Movement to Models

Lessons Learned from a Group Wellness Model (pdf)

Rachel Gilbertson

University of Minnesota Duluth

Yoga for Improving Health: Community Organizations, City-Wide Collaborations, and Community Health Centers (pdf)

Greg Van Hyfte
Yoga Care

Pathways out of Poverty

Xavier Bell

Community Action Duluth

Community Listening Sessions: Health and the Co-creation of a Community Equity Agenda (pdf)

Liz Olson

Take Action Minnesota

Anchoring Community Health: Land Trusts and Housing Policy (pdf)

Jeff Washburne

City of Lakes Community Land Trust

Community Supported Agriculture and Health Plan Partnerships:  A National Model for Community Health and Well-being (pdf)

Erika Jones

FairShare Coalition

Diabetes and Group Visits in an Under-served Population

Eileen Kerr, P.A.

Hennepin County Medical Center

Awakening, Humanness and Alzheimer’s - How Integrative Approaches Can Improve Quality of Life and Decrease Cost (pdf)

Maria Reyes, R.N.

Awakenings Project Director

A Naturally Healthy Beverage Policy National Model: Sugar-free, Artificial free (pdf)

Natasha Ward, RDN, CD

Baldwin Medical Center




Working Sessions

Break Through Conversations


Closing Experiential


Commons Health Reception 

Fireside Lounge, Midi  Restaurant, Fitgers Hotel

600 E. Superior St.

Day 2 - September 10th, 2015


Community Perspectives on Employee and Community Health and Well-Being

Adam Rees
President Essentia Health Central Region

Dan Russell,

Executive Director


Sue Ross,

Executive Vice-President Human Resources Maurice's


Health and Community

Gail Christopher

Vice President for Policy and Senior Advisor

W.K. Kellogg Foundation




Touchstone's Community Health and Wellness Center: Bringing Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine to the Underserved (pdf)

Lori Knutson RN, BSN, HNB-BC

Laura Sandquist, DNP, R.N



Building a Mental Health Commons: A Community Based Approach to Mental Health Panel

CHUM Duluth Police Department Community Intervention Group (pdf)

Minnesota Extension (pdf)

Lee Stuart,

Exec. Director CHUM

Deb Holman, CHUM

Dave Drozdowski,

Duluth Police Department

Scott Shannon, M.D.

Cari Michaels, MPH Minnesota Extension


Table Discussion


Conference Close

Commons Health 2015 Conference Proceedings and Narrative (pdf)
In this latest report we share key themes, presentation narratives and our "harvest" of attendee conversations and call to action!
Speaker Snapshots
and Bios

Full bios on all Commons Health 2015 speakers are available here

Dr. Baechler will share the whole person approach of her Allina team and their awarding winning program.
Erika Jones will explain how Wisconsin based Fairshare has leveraged relationships with area health plans helping improve the variety and consumption of vegetables and bring millions into the local farming economy.
Maria Reyes, RN will share how the nationally recognized, award winning whole person approach can not only awaken alzheimers patients bu save hundreds of thousands of dollars and reduce pharmaceutical use.
Chicago based Greg Van Hyfte will provide insights as to how  YogaCare was able to bring yoga to free clinics in Chicago and the multiple benefits that resulted.